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Wall Mounted

Throw Blanket Rack


I've always liked the southwestern look of primitive ladders in decor. This throw quilt solution is a hybrid of sorts that takes the ladder idea and mounts it on a wall. It's an artful and practical way to display 50"x60" throws.


First fold throws lengthwise twice, then widthwise twice for a perfect fit on the rack. This basic design will allow plenty of flexibility. Go longer, shorter or wider depending on the size of blankets or throws you want to store.


Try painting the wood and going for a more modern look with your towel bars. So, here's the jist of it...



• 2 - 37" lengths of 1"x4" lumber

• 3 - 15" or 16" towel bars/racks

• 4 appropriate length screws

• Drill



Putting this together is pretty much a no brainer. First, use water based paint or finish on the wood to compliment your decor. Once dry, attach the towel rack ends to the wood. We left 2-1/2" of exposed wood at both the top and bottom of the wood pieces. We attached the top and bottom end pieces first. Then centered the end pieces for the middle bar. 


Refer to photos as to where to predrill the holes in order to use screws to attach the 2 boards to the wall. The most challenging part of this project is actually attaching to the wall. You will probably want an extra set of hands. One person to hold all the parts together against the wall keeping the bars level, while the other set drives the screws into the wall.


Penciling in marks on the wall before installing can be a huge help too. We screwed into a wood wall, but if you have drywall, you will want to use anchors.

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Tada! It finally all came together with my own recipe for easy peasy, super smooth, low sugar, Melon Margarita Sorbet. Click the link in our bio for this great recipe:


Been in the kitchen on and off all week trying to come up with a sensible sorbet. “Sensible” in the terms of low sugar because MAN traditional recipes are just loaded with added sugar. As it turns out playing with sorbet recipes is actually kind of fun because fails don’t go to waste. If at first you don’t succeed, melt, adjust the recipe and refreeze. Love that!


You may remember my harvest of baby muskmelons about a week ago. Well, I scooped them out, pureed them in my little processor and ended up with 6 cups of pureed muskmelon, then commenced surfing the net for sorbet making info.


Wow! So much out there from the science of it all, to conflicting opinions on the how-tos , to a bazillion recipes. Stepping back, I had to remind myself of my personal requirements,  which surprisingly I managed to meet. They are great flavor, smooth consistency (this is where the science comes in), lower sugar, and easy preparation.


Now you may be asking yourself how in the world a cup of corn syrup can possibly qualify for lower sugar. Well, here’s the answer, and I just learned this myself. 1 cup of corn syrup has only ¼ the sugar of a cup of sugar.


Note: My Cuisinart ICE-21 did all the churning for me. A nice little gadget to have when you’re an hour from the grocery store.

Melon Margarita Sorbet Recipe


2 cups pureed Muskmelon or Honeydew

1 cup light corn syrup

1 Tablespoon lemon juice

1 Tablespoon lime juice

2 Tablespoons Tequila


Directions: Mix all ingredients well,

pour it in your ice-cream maker

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