Family came together for a Memorial Day weekend not soon forgotten. Lots of hot sun and hard work. Thanks! We couldn't have done it without you guys.

greenhouse interior


The 1st half is done. Now for the real nitty gritty. We start with a tough wire mesh on the floor to discourage the critters from burrowing in, then cover that with a layer of sand.


Next is the construction of the water tank, followed by the building of the garden beds.


Then grow...grow...grow!

Thank You!

greenhouse  construction

Absurd: Hey Guys...You probably saw the photo above with Paul standing on the top of the dome...Well, there's more to this than meets the eye. It is recommended that when working on the top of the dome, to do so with bare feet for the best grip. And by golly, they were right!


With the weirdness of working on a strange, slick surface, you stay incredibly focused. So much so, that on an intensely sunny day, you pay no mind to time or the sizzling of your feet.


Later that day, the intense red set in. Then, the blistering. Followed by nearly 2 weeks of no shoes or socks while healing. Hmmm...this might be better in the YIKES! category.


Sensible: Remember the sunscreen!

greenhouse  shed  construction


concrete  tools  you  need

give your DIY concrete projects a

professional look with these handy tools


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We highly recommend this Kushlan cement mixer. Ours has been an amazing workhorse. Remember to lube those bearings regularly for long life. An absolute necessity for DIY nuts. It handles 2 80lb bags of concrete at a time.

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