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Things are Looking


"Our Hurricane oscillating fans

have run like champs"


Still Learning...

So far, this years challenges have been mites and heat. They both caused considerable damage and stunted growth. However, at this time, little evidence remains.


We made some good additions to the inside environment to help minimize these problems.


First, we installed 2 Hurricane brand oscillating fans that have run like champs now for nearly 2 months ( link below). We have them set on a timer to turn on at 8am and off at 4pm. This helps with both the inside temps and bugs.


Second, we purchased a big batch of predator mites. Not sure how much help they were, as the greenhouse temps were still exceeding 95°F, the max temp these little critters could tolerate.


Still, the temps were no longer getting to 106°! So we loaded up our spray bottle with a nice solution of home-made bug juice and successfully continued our efforts with that.


The first week of July we began to see temperature relief with the start of the monsoon season. Here in southern Colorado that doesn't necessarily mean a lot of rain. But, what we do get is clouds in the afternoon that offer much needed relief.


Paul has put together a small misting system to play with and so far it looks like it could be a real help with lowering the temps. We are also looking at other ideas of adding more humidity to the greenhouse. Before moving here I had never known of a greenhouse that wasn't sticky and humid. Just another absurd realization.

           Got Bugs?

Here is our favorite and most effective recipe for greenhouse pests:



In a quart spray bottle,

pour in 1 tablespoon

Dr. Bronners Peppermint

soap. Add 1 teaspoon

neemoil. Fill the rest of

the bottlewith decent

quality water.


Shake it up and

start spraying! Don't

forget the underside

of the leaves. That's

where they like

to hide.


This sneaky wormy was hiding inside a hollow onion leaf. He made a tasty snack for a goldfish

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