...and maybe even thrive!


Transitioning to a more sensible life has been a very gradual process. In the beginning we were inspired by Mother Earth News and Backwoods Home. Add to that the fascination with DIY shows. These are radical interests for mainstream suburbanites. Yet, I bet everyone participating in the great American rat race has at least once wondered if there isn't a better way.


Back then, suburban life is what we knew. Subdivisions with 1/4 acre lots, manicured lawns, city water & sewer, garbage pick-up. Lots of places to shop and places to eat. It took long corporate hours to pay for this lifestyle.


As for office talk...raising chickens, solar home design and the likes are challenging topics for around the water cooler.


Mortgages, credit card debt and car loans kept us up with the Jones'. Yet, this was not meeting our idea of the American Dream.

This "Sensible" living approach is really a collection of ideas bringing together the best of many different ways of life.


Going back just 2 to 3 generations takes us to a very different world that carried a lot of sensible aspects. The average diet was much healthier than today. Vegetable gardening was commonplace. Families were closer and hand outs were humbly appreciated, not expected.


Todays varied takes on old time values come in many flavors and labels. Most of which have some seriously good stuff to offer. Herbalists, Survivalists, Preppers and Homesteaders are all picking up on traditional American values that the last couple generations have left in the dust.


The first absurdity is that most of us have moved so far away from this traditional way of life, that we couldn't grow a bean if our life depended on it.


And the second, more amusing absurdity, is the circus of follies that ensue when trying to pick back up where great, or great great G-ma & G-pa left off. Combining the traditional way of life with todays technology creates a unique avenue as we navigate our way to the future.


"Stayin' Alive" follows our attempts at sustainability through growing our own food. We hope to have a half dozen chickens to add to the mix sometime this year. Check out our Chicken Coop Construction.




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